JupyterLab InterfaceΒΆ

A JupyterLab instance runs on the PAVICS server at pavics.ouranos.ca/jupyter. The Python3 engine has a number of libraries pre-installed, making it easy to experiment with web processing services and netCDF files.

There is a demo account available for those interested in testing its capabilities. Contact the support email on the login screen to get the password. This demo account has limited computing resources, for security reasons. Any files created using the demo account are visible and modifiable by all users having access to the demo account.

For production usage, without computing resource limitation and with private user workspace, request your own user account using the support email on the login screen.

A number of tutorial notebooks are available in each user workspace to give a sense of how services can be used in scientific workflows. These notebooks are tested daily against the production server and kept up-to-date automatically.